Caroline is currently completing her clinical internship in her final year of studies to become a Naturopathic Doctor. She has a clinical focus in gastrointestinal/digestive concerns, with additional interests in skincare and holistic beauty, anxiety/mental health, and women’s health. Caroline’s experience with IBD combined with an academic background in neuroscience and psychology gives her a unique perspective in exploring the mind-gut connection, which she believes is an integral factor in disease. 

Prior to pursuing Naturopathic Medicine, Caroline completed an Honours BSc in Biology and Psychology at Western University, and then earned her MSc in Neuroimaging at Cardiff University while living in the UK. She has also worked at St. Michael’s Hospital and The Hospital for Sick Children, conducting imaging analysis and working with traumatic brain injury patients. 

Modalities Caroline uses include clinical nutrition and supplementation, botanical medicine, and acupuncture (she is also certified in Facial rejuvenation acupuncture). Integrity, empathy, & evidence-based recommendations are important values at the core of her practice, and Caroline is passionate about helping patients achieve their unique health goals.