Introducing the Lakeside Health Team’s Newest Members!

We are very excited to be announcing the addition of 3 new practitioners here at Lakeside Natural Health Centre this Spring!

We have 2 Registered Massage Therapists (R.M.T.’s) joining us as well as a Reiki Master & Reflexologist. We are all extremely excited to welcome them to our team here at Lakeside!

Please take a chance to

What is Reflexology?

By Trudy Parolin

Reflexology is a focused pressure technique, usually directed at the hands or feet. It is based on the premise that there are zones & reflexes on different parts of the body which correspond to & are relative to all parts, glands & organs of the entire body. These reflexes & zones are stimulated

Massage Therapy Detoxification

Interested in doing a bit of Spring Detoxification, but not sure where to begin? With all of the various “detox” methods and fads out there these days it can be confusing and difficult when trying to make the right decision for your body.

If you’re in a situation like this, taking a step back from the