Q: How did you get into Acupuncture & Massage? What made you decide to peruse this career?

A: I always wanted to pursue a career in healthcare, but was not fond of the traditional medical system. I volunteered at an alternative medicine clinic, lucky enough to apprentice the clinic’s acupuncturist and from then on I knew that’s what I wanted to do! While I was in acupuncture school they had a Shiatsu Therapy Massage program as well, I fell in love with it, so ended up pursuing that as well!

Q: Do you have a special focus/specialization in your practice?

A: Initially I did not have a specialization in mind, but throughout my practice I have treated a vast amount of fertility, hormonal regulation, pregnancy and labour induction clients, making it my top area of expertise! As I also work out of a physiotherapy clinic I treat a lot of pain management and sports injuries as well as facial rejuvenation or, as some people call it, “cosmetic acupuncture” to reduce wrinkles and lift the face. That being said, I do provide a wide-range of treatments for almost any ailment you can think of!


Q: What is your #1 Health Tip?

A: As it is my specialization in the health field, my #1 recommendation would be acupuncture! 🙂 Treatments can be utilized wonderfully for preventative care, overall health, and to improve any present concerns. Also, to try to live as stress-free as possible, whether you get that from meditation, creative activities (such as writing, painting, singing etc.), working out, massage, or even acupuncture — anything that allows you to relax and free your mind of worries is fantastic.

Q: What is your favourite thing about practicing acupuncture and massage?

A: My favourite thing is seeing my clients’ progress – sometimes they experience fast progression and other times the process can take longer, but either way it’s always the most rewarding experience to be helping people!

I also love when people express that they are “so nervous” about having acupuncture needles put in and after the first needle has been put in place they ALWAYS ask “is it in yet”?! In other words, their conquering of their fears and anxieties toward acupuncture!

Q: What do you like to do for fun (any hobbies, activities etc.)?

A: I enjoy to hiking, practicing yoga, playing baseball and playing hockey. I’m also an avid “crafter” and attend craft shows regularly! 🙂

Q: What do you value most in your life?

A: Life itself!

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

A: Costa Rica would be where I would love to settle. I will live there one day! 🙂