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Cauliflower Ginger Soup Recipe

By Nindy Grewal CNP, LBA, B.Ed
Cauliflower is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body.  It is both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich, and boosts both your heart and brain health.  It is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, magnesium, phosphorus, plus so many more powerful nutrients.  It is high in fiber which supports the

How Can Massage Therapy Influence Immune System Health?

By Jennifer Hyland, RMT

As we move into cold and flu season, everyone is looking for a way to stay germ free. In some cultures, massage is a traditional way to prevent colds, or to manage symptoms when a cold first starts. While I don’t recommend a massage when you’re all-the-way sick, we have research showing

“Leaky Gut” – A Key Factor in Inflammation & Autoimmune Disease


By Dr. James Yoon, ND

“Leaky Gut” – A Key Factor in Inflammation and Autoimmune Disease

Have you noticed a connection between what you eat and how you feel? We know that the foods we eat can have a profound impact on our health, but research is showing that our gut health – and its role in

Back-to-School Balance


Back-to-School Balance


By Nindy Grewal, Holistic Nutritionist, Live Blood Cell Analyst


Tips for Surviving a Healthy School Year

We are now winding down on summer and preparing for a new school year, both can bring about feelings of excitement and anxiousness.  As parents, we are ready for the kids to be back on track with regular sleep and

Does Massage help during Pregnancy?


By Deborah VanderKruk, RMT


The pregnancy test comes back positive.  A deluge of emotions ensues.  Our responses may range from exhilaration and relief to anxiety and fear.   We embark on the journey of preparing for a little one, navigating information overload, unsolicited advice, and loads of marketing.  For some women, having regular massages during this period

I Named My Eating Disorder: Ariel’s Story


Ariel is a 17-year-old girl who battled anorexia. Her name has been changed to protect her identity.

I named my eating disorder Ursula, the villain from my favourite childhood movie ‘The Little Mermaid’. In many ways, my anorexia had presented characteristics that I saw in Ursula.

Anorexia – Ursula – is devious, manipulative, and controlling. She claims

Getting to Know Your Practitioners Better Featuring Dr. Lisa Adams


How did you get into your current career/what made you decide to pursue this career?


As I was studying biology and nutrition and trying to find my own best health, I found there were gaps in the conventional system where myself and others were not getting the help they needed to prevent disease, have natural

Is Massage Therapy Good for Runners?


By Jen Hyland, RMT


Runners are going to run, whether they should or shouldn’t. As the daughter of a marathoner, I grew up watching my dad peel off blood soaked socks and shoes for years before he finally figured out his footwear. For some reason, this made me think that all runners were disgusting, and it

Parasites and Live Blood Analysis

By Nindy Grewal

Winter getaways are definitely the best reprise from our harsh winter months.  Tropical islands, Asian destinations, visits back to home countries can provide that sunshine and warmth, plus stress relief that we so greatly need after being stuck in the house during cold, dark months of the year.  However, have you ever returned

Adjusting from the Winter “blah’s” to the Spring “ahh’s”…Mentally, Emotionally, Physically

By Trudy Parolin 

Let’s face it, Canadian winters can be exceptionally difficult for most of us on the best of days. The -17 windchill factors, the blowing snow, ice, the feeling of being cold, and then of course those gloomy days. It affects us all in so many ways. I think we had a whopping 3