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For the LOVE of Chocolate!

By Nindy Grewal, Holistic Nutritionist 



It is February and cold, but many of us look forward to seeing the bright red boxes filled with chocolates and cinnamon hearts that adorn the stores at this time of year.  This is a month to love – right?  Well what if you just keep going from loving Christmas baked

Massage & Brain Chemistry by Jen Hyland, R.M.T.

When people ask me why they feel relaxed after their massage, my answer is that a reflexive action of massage is to encourage your parasympathetic nervous system – the one that lets you rest, and makes you sleepy while you digest food, and turns down the action of your sympathetic nervous system – the one

Sharks in Beauty

By Dr. Jen Newell

A few weeks ago I had the unbelievable opportunity to snorkel with the team of One Ocean Diving to see Galapagos sharks up close and personal without a cage. Swimming with these magnificent creatures was one of the most profound experiences of my life. The media most often depicts sharks as blood-thirsty,

Massage Away Sinus Issues by Jen Hyland, R.M.T.

Article by Jen Hyland, R.M.T.

This time of year, too many of my clients have been coming in on the tail end of a cold, feeling run down, achy, and annoyed that even though they are almost better, they can’t breathe through their nose. 

Sinus congestion caused by allergies or a cold can include: swelling (inflammation) of

Christmas Blessings


By Trudy Parolin, RMT, Reflexologist, Reiki Master


As December quickly approaches and the excitement and wonder of the Christmas Season begins to creep its way into my cells, I am aware of the feeling of just how truly happy I am…what a blessing life is and how truly grateful I am for everything that I have,

Getting to Know your Practitioners – Jen Hyland, RMT

We are excited to welcome the newest member of Lakeside’s integrative health care team, Jen Hyland, who is a Registered Massage Therapist.

The following is an interview that took place with Jen to allow us all to get to know her better.


Q: How did you get into your current career/what made you decide to peruse this career?


Sharing your Practice with your Children

My yoga practice has flourished in waves over the past 10 years, keeping me grounded and healthy through various stages in my life.  Watching my five year old daughter start to use her own yoga tools has taken this journey even further.  When opportunities for me to explore movement and breathing with kids started to

Reflection for the Year of Completion

By Trudy Parolin 

2016…the year of completion. As the fall season quickly approaches there are many feelings that seem to arise within each and every one of us.

Apprehension – due to the upcoming Christmas season; stress – in recognizing that the year is coming to a close and there is so much yet to complete; anxiety

Advanced Hormone Testing For Fertility: When your doctor says nothing is wrong

By Dr. Jessica Liu, ND


Very often in my fertility practice, I see couples struggling to find the ‘why’ behind their fertility challenges.  They go through a battery of tests at a fertility specialist’s clinic, only to be told that everything is normal and that their diagnosis is ‘unexplained fertility’.


Naturopathic fertility care offers a different approach

An Interview with Dr. Jessica Liu, ND

Q: How did you get into your current career/what made you decide to peruse this career?


A: I was lucky to have grown up in a family where natural medicine was the preferred way to address health issues. My father was an engineer turned Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor who always preferred to use acupuncture needles and herbs whenever