Do you want to be your best self?

By Dr. Jessica Liu, ND

Last week, my body gave in to a nasty stomach bug that was going around my son’s preschool and I was forced to take 2 sick days off work to recover during our busiest time of year. (Read as: I barely hung in there as my 2 germy kids were also vomiting all over the place and keeping me up each night.) I was decidedly not at my best.

How often do we push ourselves beyond our limits, burn the candle at both ends, ignoring all the signs to slow down, take a breath, until our bodies force our hand by throwing us under the bus of an opportunistic virus or headache that flattens us for days?

We live in a culture where to be your best self means constantly striving to supercede what we are in this present moment. At any moment, there are a hundred different blogs to read about how to make the perfect vegan cake, how to create the perfect Pinterest inspired birthday party for your child, how to get into the best shape, eat the right foods, find your true purpose and all the while being as zen and calm as you possibly can be.

Is it possible that our accesibility to information and our constant need to seek it has led us to a widespread state of chronic dissatisfaction?

I believe that in the moments where we feel we are not at our best are opportunities to redefine what our best self is. That in every moment of pause is a wonderful opportunity to find your centre and accept that in the present moment you are in fact, perfect and enough.

Being your best self is loving the version that you are now, believing that in doing so, you’ll be inspired to tackle all your resolutions next year with balance, grace and ease.

On behalf of the Lakeside Team, we wish you and your loved ones a very healthy, joyous holiday and a wonderful New Year!