Harnessing your Body’s Distinctive Healing Capability – Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathy is derived from the Greek language. It is an alternative medicine with a firm belief in vitalism according to which a vital force guides the processes of the body. Naturopathy believes in non-invasive procedures for treatment.

What differentiates naturopathic medicine from others?

As it places a firm belief in non- invasive type of treatment and usage of botanical medicines, homeopathy, psychological counseling and nutrition management – the side effects are virtually nil and costs of treatment is far less compared to the traditional allopathic streams.

What are the treatments offered under naturopathy?

  • Dermatology: Natural Dermatology is a novel way of treating skin problems. It treats the root of the problem rather than suppressing the symptoms. It makes use of 100% natural products while preparing the medicine thus making your medicine chemical free. It also takes a step further by customizing it to suit your needs.
  • Pediatric: A pediatric naturopathic doctor is more suited for a child because it ameliorates the chances of recovering faster because of natural medicine and at the same time prevents the hazards of side effects on the children.
  • Prenatal support: Natural prenatal support is increasingly being used in the mainstream medicine, research found that natural medicines provide a significant advantage over allopathic because of absence of side effects and more importantly they do not increase complications in the critical prenatal phase.
  • Fertility: Naturopathy offers an alternative fertility treatment to the traditional approach. There are a number of sub-clinal factors which individually may not harm fertility but collectively may cause infertility problems. Naturopathy provides infertility solutions by going deep into the cause of the problem and then deriving solutions for the same. The fertility programs of naturopathy are a unique blend of both ancient remedies and modern research and thus bring the hormonal level back to normal in the individuals.
  • Intravenous therapy: Naturopathy makes use of IV for transporting essential nutrients, by doing so it bypasses the digestive system and it thus allows a higher level of nutrients to reach the cells
  • Supporting breastfeeding: Because naturopathy uses natural medicines its unique combination of modern research and ancient medicine, it aids the mother in breastfeeding her child.