Honouring Your Stories

Written by Dr. Jessica Liu, ND

I am humbled. I have been in practice now over a decade and I am still humbled every day by the privilege I have to support my patients in their journey to better…better health, better joy, better understanding.  Or to just be exactly where they are but to be able to come to our little space of healing and just breathe.  I know that as practitioners, we are far from perfect, but what I can say about the team at Lakeside is that we hold ourselves up to the highest calling to gently hold our patients in a space of compassion and caring and are committed to meeting them where they are, and wherever in their healing journey they may be.


What I’d like to share with you is something a mentor of mine shared, who has since passed on. The legacy of his words still rings true in my heart…




We as your health care providers are privileged with the sacred job of honouring your stories.  We know it’s not easy to share your stories, the trials and pains that you have met in your walk through life, but sharing them, bringing them to light is the first step towards healing.  It’s our job to provide you with the safe space to do so.




Your story does not define you, nor does it set in stone your path in life. Be open to finding new ways to connect with you, connect with what feeds your body and soul in a healthier way. Be open to trying something different.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. There is no shame in falling down, it’s in the way you get back up that will change you.




Life has it’s moments, both joyous and challenging and in those times where you feel you are being tested, it is so important to surround yourself with a tribe. These are the special individuals with whom you can be real with, be at your worst, and who will love you and lift you up in times of need. It’s important to bring your story to light with your cast, because when you share your story with those you trust, healing has already begun. If you feel you don’t have a tribe, consider reaching out to someone in your health care circle. At the very least, we are here to listen and to let you know that what you are feeling is absolutely ok.  Healing happens one step at a time and allowing some of your tribe members in to walk with you, will make the journey just that much easier.




Your collection of experiences, triumphs and challenges has helped to shape the gifts that you were meant to share with the world in your time here.   Be proud of the opportunities you have been granted to grow, to learn, to shift more in the direction of feeling connected to your authentic self, to love yourself more deeply.  Challenges you face in your health, in your career, in love, have been gifted to you in order for you to continue to build towards a healthier and happier you.  And that is something to be grateful for.


May 2018 bring you continued connection, growth, health, and love.


All the best for a wonderful New Year,


Dr. Jessica