Massage Away Sinus Issues by Jen Hyland, R.M.T.

Article by Jen Hyland, R.M.T.

pexels-photoThis time of year, too many of my clients have been coming in on the tail end of a cold, feeling run down, achy, and annoyed that even though they are almost better, they can’t breathe through their nose. 

Sinus congestion caused by allergies or a cold can include: swelling (inflammation) of the mucus membranes), dull headaches, forehead pain, aches behind the eyes, and an inability to maintain normal nose breathing patterns. Trouble breathing makes it more difficult to talk, eat and sleep comfortably. If you’re deep in the middle of a cold or flu, your body probably can’t handle the extra stress of a massage, but lingering symptoms (when your fever is gone) can be relieved with just a short massage. Chronic sinusitis can be treated with a series of massages and your massage therapist can suggest ways to maintain your results at home.

When your massage therapist works on your head, neck and shoulders, they can stimulate the flow of lymph to help reduce lingering inflammation, and then start working on your face for more dramatic results.  Gentle work helps to decrease congestion and increase drainage from your sinuses. Working directly on pressure points can help relieve stubborn pressure contributing to your blocked feeling and sinus headaches.pexels-photo-54200

In addition to temporary sinus relief, your massage treatment can include work on your aching body, deeper neck and shoulder work to reduce any headache symptoms, or a soothing scalp massage to help you unwind for a great night’s sleep.  As a massage therapist it is deeply rewarding to watch a patient walk out feeling and breathing better than when they walked in.