Nindy Grewal, CNP, LBA, Cl. Irid., B.Ed

Nindy Grewal LBA, CNP, B.Ed

Nindy Grewal is a graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with First Class Honors. In addition to her Certified Nutritional Practitioner designation, Nindy has completed certification courses in Clinical Iridology and has now become fully trained as a Live and Layered Blood Cell Microscopic Analyst. Nindy also holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from McMaster University.

Nindy has been practising Holistic Nutrition and Live Blood Cell Analysis for over 3 years in a clinical setting. Although her passion has always been to help promote healthy children, her clinical focus naturally started to move towards working with families and specifically mothers and women, in general. She found women had higher complaints of chronic fatigue, unexplained weight gain, hair and skin issues and autoimmune disorders. Without proper nutrition and stressful lifestyles, people are becoming more predisposed to allergies, asthma, eczema, digestive issues, depression, infertility, obesity and chronic diseases. Nindy works with women, who are looking for guidance on alleviating symptoms that arise due to improper diet, stress and hormone imbalances. Nindy focuses a lot of her programs on reducing toxic loads, improving digestive health, balancing hormones and reducing inflammation in the body to support her clients’ requests to reduce pain, improve sleep, manage stress and anxiety and lose weight.  

After completing her holistic nutrition qualifications, Nindy decided to add more tools to her skill set that would enable her to assess client’s health issues in more depth. She decided to add iridology and live blood cell testing to her practice to help support evidence of any deficiencies or the presence of compromising pathogens that could be the root cause of many symptoms affecting energy, digestion, brain function, behaviour and a multitude of other more serious health concerns that clients are experiencing. Holistic nutrition and live blood microscopy analysis hugely complement one another in supporting the healing process. Through her combined knowledge and skills in live blood analysis and holistic nutrition, she is able to help families lay a foundation to better health and a more balanced lifestyle.

Let Nindy teach you how to heal your body and mind with foods and natural supplements to bring you back into balance.

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