Parasites and Live Blood Analysis

By Nindy Grewal

Winter getaways are definitely the best reprise from our harsh winter months.  Tropical islands, Asian destinations, visits back to home countries can provide that sunshine and warmth, plus stress relief that we so greatly need after being stuck in the house during cold, dark months of the year.  However, have you ever returned back from an amazing holiday feeling worse than you left?  Did you experience traveler’s diarrhea or digestive issues during or after the trip?  There is a high probability you may have contracted some undesirable pathogens from water or food consumed in these foreign destinations. 

Having a parasite can be a scary thought, but you’re not alone; parasites are far more common than you think. There are a number of ways to contract a parasite. First, parasites can enter your body through contaminated food and water. Undercooked meat is a common place for parasites to hide, However, meat is the not the only culprit. Unclean or contaminated fruits and vegetables can also harbor parasites. Some parasites can even enter the body by traveling through the bottom of your feet.

We see them every day in Live blood cell testing.  Parasites can cause a myriad of symptoms, only a few of which are actually digestive in nature.

In live blood cell microscopy we zoom in to your blood using a high powered microscope. We can see numerous types of issues burdening your body however we find a high amount of us are carrying  these parasites. The type I’m referring to is tiny organisms seen microscopically usually environmental worms, that feed off of your nutrition. Some consume your food, leaving you hungry after every meal and unable to gain weight. Others feed off of your red blood cells, causing anemia, B12 defiencies. Some lay eggs that can cause itching, bloating, pains, irritability, and even insomnia. If you have tried countless approaches to heal your gut and relieve your symptoms without any success, a parasite could be the underlying cause for many of your unexplained and unresolved symptoms.

The signs of a parasite can often appear unrelated and unexplained. There are MANY different types of parasites that we are exposed to in our environments. Many also are capable of changing the fluid balance in your gut and causing symptoms of disease. 

Once a person is infected with a parasite, it’s very easy to pass it along. If you have a parasite and don’t wash your hands after using the restroom, you can easily pass microscopic parasite eggs onto anything you touch — the door handle, the desk, your phone, or anyone you touch. It’s also very easy to contract a parasite when handling animals. Hand washing is a major opportunity to prevent parasite contamination and transmission. Traveling overseas is another way that foreign parasites can be introduced to your system. If you consumed any contaminated water during your travels, you may have acquired a parasite of some kind.

10 Signs You May Have a Parasite

  • You have unexplained constipation, diarrhea, gas, or other symptoms of IBS
  • You traveled internationally and remember getting traveler’s diarrhea while abroad
  • You have a history of food poisoning and your gut  has not been the same since.
  • You have trouble falling asleep, or you wake up multiple times during the night.
  • You get skin irritations or unexplained rashes, hives, rosacea or eczema.
  • You grind your teeth in your sleep.
  • You have pain or aching in your muscles or joints.
  • You experience fatigue, exhaustion, depression, or frequent feelings of apathy.
  • You never feel satisfied or full after your meals.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia.


Live Blood cell Microscopy testing at Lakeside Natural Health Centre can expose these parasite culprits.   Nindy Grewal can help you explore your blood and get you feeling better again!