pregnancy care

Prenatal support at LNHC takes a multi-faceted approach to pregnancy, acknowledging the changing needs of a woman and her growing baby during each trimester. The integrative team at LNHC, experts in holistic care for fertility and pregnancy will work cooperatively with your conventional healthcare provider to ensure that both you and your baby receive everything you need for a joyful and healthy pregnancy together.

Through each trimester, steps are taken to ensure optimal nutrition and energy for both mom and baby. Pre-labour counseling, nutritional support and acupuncture are provided to facilitate a smooth and safe delivery. Once baby is born, our Naturopathic doctors can provide newborn baby care and our Board Certified Lactation Consultant is available to provide on-call essential support to ensure that breastfeeding may begin optimally.

How can Naturopathic Medicine help during pregnancy?

Pregnancy Concerns:

  • Common Concerns such as nausea, constipation, backache, heartburn, leg cramps, as well as overall wellness check-ups that include exercise and nutritional counseling.
  • Group B Strep: Using clinical nutrition and botanical remedies we can reverse and prevent a diagnosis of strep B, we can strengthen amniotic membranes, and increase immunity thereby lessening the risk to the fetus.
  • Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension: We work closely with women who have developed PIH or who have a history of hypertension to continue to have healthy, medication free pregnancies.
  • Post-dates Pregnancy: often a combination of homeopathics, botanical remedies and acupuncture can prevent a hospitalized induction.

Labour Support:

  • Labour and Birth concerns: Our clinic provides a unique on-call service or private attendance at labours where we address such issues as: stalled labour, long labours, backache, retained placenta, postpartum hemorrhage.

Post-partum Support:

  • Post partum: episiotomy healing, energy tonification, prevention of infection, after-pains, cesarean scar prevention and minimization with acupuncture, support for post-partum depression/anxiety.
  • Breastfeeding: thrush, sore nipples, cracked nipples, low milk production, clogged ducts, engorgement, mastitis

Meet your practitioner Jessica Liu 

Dr. Jessica Liu, BSc (Hon), ND

Dr. Jessica Liu, BSc (Hon), ND

Jessica Liu ND is a Board-certified Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, practicing general family naturopathic medicine since 2006 with a clinical focus in fertility, women’s health, children’s medicine, pregnancy, and mental-emotional wellness… learn more