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Stress Recovery Program

Stress is inevitable, and it only gets worse if you ignore it.

During these turbulent times, a large majority of people, from front-line workers to parents and teachers, are feeling overwhelmed and unable to stay afloat.

Our Stress Recovery Program works to help you tackle and relieve stress with the guidance of a caring practitioner. Our goal is to provide tools and personalized supplement recommendations to support resilience and develop better coping skills.

Who’s it for?

This integrative program is ideal for anyone worried about the negative impacts of stress on their health, especially essential and front-line workers, teachers or parents. If you have been feeling overwhelmed, irritable, tired, unmotivated, or have noticed yourself slipping into poor sleeping, eating or exercise habits, this program is perfect for you!

Option 1: The Accelerated Stress Recovery Program ($285)
Learn proven, impactful strategies that you can immediately put to use to overcome your most severe stresses with this condensed two-session stress recovery program.

Option 2: The Elevated Stress Recovery Program ($535)
Uncover the hidden roots of your stress and learn more tools to sustain healthy stress-management habits that will boost your long-term resilience with this expanded four-session program.

Both programs include:

  • one-on-one sessions with a licensed Naturopathic Doctor
  • tailored nutritional support, dietary and sleep recommendations, and effective self-care practices
  • guidance materials and motivational support tools to help you succeed in your program, including workbooks, weekly reflection exercises, videos and meditations.

Stress can have an out-of-proportion effect on your health, negatively impacting your body, mood and behaviour. The good news is that there are many ways to manage stress, returning you to a happier, more balanced state.

Let’s get you started on your
path to better health.