By Trudy Parolin, Reiki Master, Certified Reflexologist  

As human physical connection is a necessity in life, spiritual awareness is an innate & very important component in human development.

More & more, people are becoming aware of the mind-body-soul connection – something that each & every one of us is born with, though many of us are not always aware of it.

We are all composed of an element called energy – which is essential to existence. Even scientists will tell you that we are all composed of energy – they call it biochemistry. Biochemical reactions & nerve impulses throughout the body provide an invisible communication which allows the body to react to the thoughts that happen in your head. It is a communication process that is almost instant, & your body’s response is often in proportion to the strength of your own thoughts & emotions. When our energy field is interrupted (low), things like negative thoughts of ourselves, anger, jealousy, or traumatic times, can be compared to investing a drop of poison. Our energy is connected to our mind, body & eventually if we continue to “ingest the poisons” they will begin to manifest as physical ailments in specific areas and organs throughout the body. For example, someone who has deep unresolved anger, typically sees the physically ramifications in the liver.

Studies have shown, that people who suffer from stress & problems of the mind such as depression & anxiety, are at a higher rate of developing other chronic diseases such as heart disease. Natural energy flows through us constantly, and when we are under stress we are more susceptible to fall ill. Stress reduces our energy level, which in turn affects our mind & body. Meditation is an excellent method of changing the body’s biochemical state.

An example of mind-body connection that may resonate familiar for you… have you ever heard bad news that made you suddenly feel sick to your stomach? This is a perfect example of your body reacting to your mind. Taking your blood pressure, heart rate & specific hormones before & after any bad news, a doctor would be able to measure the impact the negative thought had on your body! The same can be said with good news, causing a “happy effect” in the biochemistry of the body.

Some people still question how the soul comes into play, since it is not a ‘tangible’ source. Although the soul is invisible & intangible, it is a very important part of our lives that connects us to much more than what we see when we look in the mirror. The soul is the inner part of us that connect us to everyone & everything – our energy – our true essence.

A great way to boost your mind-body-soul connection is simply, to complain less. Though we all have things we would like to change, be it about ourselves, or people and/or places surrounding us, this habit (complaining) really drains our energy & decreases the strength & efficiency of our mind-body-soul connection.

Even finding the little things to show gratitude for, changes the energy from a bit of poison to a full-fledged nourishment to all three: mind – body – soul.

With Love & Light,