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By Georgina Mellas, Reiki Master



The philosophy behind this modality is that the body holds all memory and knows what it needs to heal.

Georgina’s Approach

By placing of the hands (light touch) on different areas of the body and head, coupled with a “sounding” technique (utilizing the client’s voice) Georgina assists her clients in releasing both physical and emotional energy “blockages” to re-establish a normal energy flow throughout the body.  This approach enhances and accelerates the body’s innate healing ability.

What to Expect

During a treatment, the client lies on a massage table in a quiet, restful atmosphere.
Sometimes, when the energy starts “moving”, a person may experience a range of sensations including the release of held emotions, tingling, heat or cold.  This is natural and very much part of the healing process. It is very individual and everyone’s response will be different.
At times, the physical and emotional sensations may intensify after a treatment for a period of time as the person continues to process and experience the movement and flow of energy.
Many clients have reported feeling lighter, clear minded and calmer after a treatment.
Reiki works in conjunction with any other medical or therapeutic techniques – it never contradicts another therapy, only supports the body in healing.   

Reiki is a terrific stress reducer, both physically and emotionally, and often provides significant relief from chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and other chronic conditions.