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A Novel Treatment to Rebalance the Body AND the Mind!

By Dr. Jessica Liu, ND


In my nearly 10 years as a naturopathic doctor, I think the concern I hear most often from my patients is “My doctor says there’s nothing wrong with me, all my bloodwork is normal, yet I don’t feel well”.  It’s my job then as a practitioner to try and read between the lines, to decode more subtle functional disturbances in the mind, spirit, and body that have led to a patient’s feeling of ‘dis-ease’.  Looking back on the patients that have made profound transformations in their health, what I have realized that has provided them the greatest resolution of their concerns is when healing takes place not only in the physical but in the mental and emotional spheres.  I have to say, when this almost ‘magical’ alignment takes place, there is truly no greater joy in the work I do.


Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine describes an energetic vital force that governs health in the body called Qi.  When this energy becomes blocked, deficient, or imbalanced, emotional and physical symptoms can arise. Correcting the imbalance can allow the healthy movement of energy through the body and the normalization of symptoms.


Rubimed Therapy® is a novel form of assessment and therapy to detect and treat subtle energetic blockages in the body caused by deeply embedded unresolved emotional conflicts.  Decades of research into this concept lead German Physician Dr. Reimar Banis to develop a technology that can seek out emotional blocks that are believed to cause disease.


Beginning with an energy test using a REBA® device that measures changes in frequency of brain waves (much like an EEG), a patient’s active emotional conflict and energy blockages are determined.  Individualized and appropriate natural remedies are then selected based on the test results.  In this process-based therapy, the remedies serve to dissolve the subconscious emotional blocks, restore the proper flow of energy in the body and allow the physical body to begin to heal.


Addressing emotional blocks to healing is a hallmark of good naturopathic care, and what I have witnessed in using this novel technique in my practice, is much more profound and rapid healing both in patients ‘mental and emotional health, and in the resolution of their physical complaints.   By removing obstacles to self-healing, the body displays an incredible capacity to return to optimal physiological and emotional health.   It’s something that still never ceases to amaze me!


More information about this unique modality can be found at rubimed.com/en/ .   Dr. Liu offers free 15 minute consultations to explore whether Rubimed Therapy might be right for you.