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Fertility + Pregnancy Care

Starting a family is both beautiful and stress-inducing. The path to a healthy pregnancy can be bumpy for some, with nearly 1 in 5 couples experiencing infertility for a number of reasons.

At Lakeside Natural Health, our understanding team of practitioners specializes in boosting fertility and promoting a healthy pregnancy through a variety of treatments. From naturopathic medicine to holistic nutrition, acupuncture treatments, herbal supplements and preconception support, we’ll walk with you on your path.

How We Can Help

Our caring experts will take you through every stage of conception, from pre-conception to pregnancy, delivery and newborn care. Our treatments include:

Ensuring You Have Healthy Hormone Levels

A hormonal imbalance can affect your chances of fertility. If your levels are less than ideal, Dr. Jessica, ND, is licensed to prescribe safe, effective hormone treatments, such as topical and vaginal estrogen and progesterone.


Nutrition is a key component to a healthy conception and pregnancy. In fact, poor lifestyle and eating habits can actually reduce fertility in both men and women. There are key vitamins and nutrients that are needed to enhance egg and sperm production and to maintain healthy bones and muscles during conception and pregnancy.

Our team will give you the tools you need to make any necessary lifestyle changes, including exercise and blood sugar control.


This is an effective therapy used in traditional Asian medicine to relieve stress and rebalance the body, which is important when going through conception and pregnancy.

Herbal Medicines

Many herbs are used to balance hormones for those dealing with fertility issues. Herbal medicines are also used to help regulate menstrual cycles.

Let’s get you started on your
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