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Naturopathic Medicine

How can naturopathic medicine help you?

At Lakeside, we know everyone’s path to better health looks different. Our compassionate team of experts will walk with you on your journey, using naturopathic treatments to understand your body’s unique issues.

Through naturopathic medicine, we’re able to treat not only the symptoms of disease, but the underlying causes as well. Our team of holistic naturopaths will help you tap into the body’s natural healing abilities to treat acute and chronic health conditions, while ensuring we nurture every part of your health, from physical and mental to spiritual and emotional. Learn more about our natural medicine, Get in touch today with Lakeside Natural Health, a highly trusted naturopathy clinic in Mississauga.

Our treatment philosophy

At Lakeside Natural Health, our number one philosophy is to do no harm. Our family of naturopaths work to minimize harmful side effects while helping the body heal.

We trust the body and respect its intelligent self-healing abilities. As a family-first clinic, we aim to empower our clients with knowledge and better health.

Treatment options

Naturopathic treatments are flexible and can be used effectively as a stand-alone treatment, as well as part of a conventional medical plan.

Our services include:

  • diet and nutritional medicine
  • vitamin and nutrient supplementation
  • prevention and lifestyle counseling
  • acupuncture and traditional Asian medicine
  • botanical medicine
  • physical medicine
  • homeopathic medicine

What to expect

Before beginning treatment, our naturopathic doctors will gather a detailed health history. This includes physical symptoms as well as psychological, spiritual, emotional, and social factors that have been affecting your daily life.

Assessments may include:

  • urine tests
  • blood tests
  • food sensitivity testing
  • energetic organ system testing

Based on this information, we’ll create a personalized treatment plan to care for any disordered organ systems, address symptoms, and help diagnose/uncover the core issues affecting your body.

Contact the clinic to book a session with a qualified naturopath.

Let’s get you started on your
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