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Creating Vibrant Fertility

At Lakeside Natural Health, we know that conception doesn’t progress as easily for some as for others.

Our Creating Vibrant Fertility Program was designed by Dr. Jessica Liu, ND after going through her own fertility struggles. Our restorative program will give you the tools you need to encourage a healthy conception, optimal pregnancy and thriving baby.

Through this 8-week program, you will learn effective strategies to ensure that you’re prepared for a healthy pregnancy. The Creating Vibrant Fertility Program is customized with a restorative approach to your optimal fertility path, ensuring your mind and body are properly nurtured throughout the process.

Sessions are uniquely designed to help you feel confident in cycle literacy and proper timing of fertility tests, restore hormone balance, optimize egg and sperm health, foster implantation support, and move through fertility stress.

Who is this program for?

Creating Vibrant Fertility has been created for anyone who wants to feel more empowered in their fertility journey. Whether you’re preparing for your next IVF cycle or are just beginning to explore ways to optimize pre-conception health, our caring team of experts will help you work towards your goals in a supportive, understanding space.

What’s included?

As a participant of Creating Vibrant Fertility, you’ll receive:

  • A customized, nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory eating plan to enhance your fertility
  • A Cycle Charting System that will allow you to accurately time tests and treatments to your unique cycle
  • A review of potential chemical or environmental toxins exposure that could affect conception and how to properly detoxify before you conceive
  • A guided fertility-focused meditation practice and mindset reset coaching
  • A community of support through your fertility process

This program is meant to guide you towards feeling more confident in  your fertility journey. Sessions will include lifetime access to learning materials to help you feel fully supported in your path to a healthy pregnancy.

To learn more about the Creating Vibrant Fertility Program, contact the clinic at [email protected] or join the waitlist HERE!


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