Prenatal Group Classes at Lakeside

Prenatal Classes at Lakeside

With Joan Newington, CLD, CCCE

Certified Child Birth Educator and Labour Doula

Pre-Natal Group Labour and Birth Classes – $245.00 taxes included

Joan’s education program helps expectant couples prepare for the arrival of their newborn and will build confidence, and prepare new parents for labour and birth.   Our Pre-Natal instructor will use quality-teaching aids and research based materials to present a well-rounded program.  Our format allows couples to interact not only with the instructor but also interact with others in a small group setting.  Clients will view charts, videos, and get hands on learning plus handouts for review in the comfort of their homes. This class is approximately 6 hours and a one-day event.

“Your Amazing Newborn” and “Postpartum Mother”$225.00 taxes included

This class explores what the new mother can expect right after the birth of her child. Systematically, the program delivers details of the postpartum period while in the hospital and during the next coming weeks. In the class, we also use videos, hands on materials and handouts for reference during the early stages of your baby’s life. In addition, we will explore care of the newborn, his/her appearance at birth as newborns may have marks and rashes on their bodies, how to change diapers, feeding, burping and much much more.  This will be an interactive class, full of fun, and will take approximately 5-6 hours and is a one-day event.

Pre-Natal Class Schedule:

9:30           Sunday, August 9, 2015              Pre-Natal Group Labour and Birth


9:30           Sunday, August 16, 2015            “Your Amazing Newborn” and “Postpartum Mother”


9:30           Sunday, August 30, 2015            “Your Amazing Newborn” “and “Postpartum Mother”


9:30           Sunday, September 13, 2015     Pre-Natal Group Labour and Birth


9:30           Sunday, September 20, 2015     “Your Amazing Newborn” “and “Postpartum Mother”


9:30           Sunday, September 27, 2015     Pre-Natal Group Labour and Birth


9:30           Sunday, October 4, 2015             “Your Amazing Newborn” “and “Postpartum Mother”


Registration for Classes:

To register for the pre-natal classes listed above, please go to www.gentlecaredoula.com.  Look for Services Offered, and go to Childbirth Education and click on Registration Form.

Please Note: Payment is due one week before class begins. Please contact Joan to arrange payment methods at 416-806-0691.

Lakeside Natural Health will not be able to take your fees for any of these classes




Meet Joan! 



Certified Labour Doula

Certified Childbirth Educator


The birth of a child, I believe, is one of the greatest wonders of our world and being a part of such an event is truly a magnificent and rewarding experience.  My love of children, my natural nurturing instincts, and the ability to care for people, has led me to this rewarding career.

Self Picture

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Joan Newington, and I live in Mississauga. I am married with grown children, four grandchildren and one great grandson.  I worked for the Toronto District School Board for many years and took an early retirement.   I worked in the classroom as a Special Education Assistant in all three levels of the school system and have a diploma as a Youth and Childcare Worker from George Brown College. After several years of working in the classroom, I took a position as Head Secretary, where I managed the school office and enjoyed maintaining contact with young children.


As a Labour Doula, I have been present at more than 100 births, supporting the birthing mother and her partner as they welcome the birth of their child.   My goal is to make their birth as rewarding as possible, and a memorable occasion.


As a Childbirth Educator, my pre-natal classes deal with what they can expect during pregnancy, birth and the labour process. In addition, what they can expect from the first day to first year as parents.  I have prepared over 800 couples in their journey into parenthood and their transition from a “couple lifestyle” into being a family.


For centuries, Doulas have served women during their pregnancies, during birth, and in the early stages of motherhood, with their expertise, experience, and compassion.  In addition, she offers insight, advice, empathy, strength, understanding, and empowerment.  I believe, I have these qualities and bring this enthusiasm, commitment and compassion to my clients.


Joan Newington, CLD, CBE