Reflection for the Year of Completion

By Trudy Parolin 

2016…the year of completion. As the fall season quickly approaches there are many feelings that seem to arise within each and every one of us.

Apprehension – due to the upcoming Christmas season; stress – in recognizing that the year is coming to a close and there is so much yet to complete; anxiety – over the past events that perhaps we are still dwelling over; and panic – over future events that are yet to come.

Reflection of the past, present and future is a key factor in our ability to manage and cope with the struggles we face each and every day.

Almotrudyaugustnewsletterst everyone I have spoken to has been saying the same thing – 2016 has been anything but a positive year. This year has been filled with so much tension, stress, anxiety and an air of panic. It seems that bad news was followed by bad news, and that seemed to be followed by even more bad news. Everyone seems to be extremely excited for 2017 to arrive and to leave 2016 in the shadows.

For myself included, 2016 has been anything BUT kind, but I do not wish it away. You may ask, “why”? Why would I not want to see the end of something that has caused me so much pain and grief? Well… it’s simple.

2016 has made me cry, it has broke my heart, it has given me panic and anxiety attacks (some of which sent me to the hospital a few times), but you know what else it has done? It has made me stronger – it has made me acknowledge the person I am, and just how very strong I am. It has exposed my weaknesses, but also brought my strengths to the forefront.

Being more noteworthy than usual (because it was in the constellation of Aquarius), the past full moon and eclipse of August 18th (the Sturgeon Moon) brought a major shift, which globally caused chaos, yet allowed us to witness to the full moon, the sun, and Earth, all align in a straight, even line. The effects were felt by most, in a deep and meaningful way.

Those who already have a short fuse (so to speak) may be “touchier” than usual, with an even shorter fuse, whereas others will crave a more motherly type of nurturing and encouraging support overall.

Some people will begin to stop caring so much about what others think. They will begin making decisions on their own and for themselves. Where the opinions and judgments of others would have once bothered them immensely and held them back, they will no longer hold such a negative, stifling effect.

Some people will become more confident, self-aware, and conscious of their choices. In turn, they will also shift into a happier and more enlightened phase of their lives, which is always an upgrade and a positive change!


With every case and cause, there is always something to reflect back upon and be thankful for. Be grateful for the experience, the lesson, the challenge. For those reflections help to shape you to the person you are today, and the person you will become tomorrow.

All things that are meant to be in our lives are here for a reason, specifically the hardships of this year. This is the year to ‘make it happen’ and take action to reflect and grow from these struggles! Give yourself time for YOU – set your intention to a positive nature, and put forth that intention. The Universe listens, it sees. What you put out, you will receive in return.