Retune & Reset: Body & Mind 

By Deborah VanderKruk, RMT

June is here. Not quite summer yet but the spring chill is gone!  I find the transition between seasons both refreshing and challenging. I love going out for a quiet paddle but I feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and planning that comes with this time of the year.

This June,  I’m embracing pockets of time in my day to retune or reset my body and mind. One pocket at a time.

Energize: my favourite essential oil right now is Pink Grapefruit.  Rub a drop on your wrist. It boosts my spirit and gets me out the door.

Inversions:  Being upside down rejuvenates me. Barring any cervical injuries or other restrictions, get safely upside down. Flop over your bed on your back and let your head relax over the edge. Use a wall, fence or bench to support a hand stand.  If this is too daunting,  ask your yoga instructor to guide you through an inversion.

Outdoor play: find a playground closest to where you live. Can you make it across the monkey bars? How many push-ups or step ups can you do on a park bench? My personal goal is to master a chin up.

Hydrate:  Its the time of the year to break a good sweat, but stay topped up.  Coconut water is my friend.  You could also add cucumber, mint, or lime to your water bottle.

Tune out:  I have 40 minute blocks while my daughter has lessons. If its nice, that is plenty of time stretch, run, or walk without any devices.  If you’re tired, bring your yoga mat along and find a quiet spot to lie down and breathe.

Tune up:  Listen to your body if its talking back.  Book in with Deb VanderKruk or Jessica Vella for a massage or acupuncture treatment to quiet your nervous system and address the areas that may be neglected.