Sharing your Practice with your Children

My yoga practice has flourise70c23cfba2fa36661912161efb31540hed in waves over the past 10 years, keeping me grounded and healthy through various stages in my life.  Watching my five year old daughter start to use her own yoga tools has taken this journey even further.  When opportunities for me to explore movement and breathing with kids started to pop up at school, church and play,  I decided to take a Little Pretzels teacher training.  It is such a beautiful thing to share yoga with little ones, because what I’ve learned is that it’s not so much about the flow, the pose or the sequence.  Rather, it’s about the stories, laughter, imagination and music that guide the movement.  If you are considering sharing your practice with the children in your life, I highly recommend it.   Here are some things to consider:


 How do children benefit from yoga?

  • Promotes an open, upright posture threatened by mobile devices
  • Nurtures body and breath awareness
  • Cultivates inner journey
  • Encourages creativity, the imagination
  • Teaches focus and concentration


Where and when is the best time?

  • Anywhere: at home or outdoors
  • It’s a great winter activity
  • Before or after school, before bed


What are some pointers?

  • Keep it fun
  • Keep it brief (20-30 min.)
  • Keep it moving.


What are some good resources? (links to each item included in their title, just click to learn more!)


 Deborah VanderKruk, RMT

Certified Kids Yoga Instructor