Ursula Darby: Course Information

The Intuitive Development Series classes

with Ursula Darby, Intuitive Medium

Her upcoming classes are a series of three workshops and must be prepaid to hold your spot. 
Payments are made directly to Ursula through her website:

Acknowledge your Intuition

Date: Sunday August 9, 2015 5pm to 7:30pm

This class is for people who get distracted, lose focus easily, become anxious and emotionally sensitive in particular environments. You will be taught how to clear energy and to prevent yourself from being depleted. Becoming aware of your environment and your body will attune you to your intuition. These techniques will clear the way to trusting your vibes.

Recognize your Intuitive Tools

Date: Sunday August 23, 2015 5pm to 7:30pm

Developing your intuition is a process that takes time and patience. Some of us are already open to this sense and receive information but don’t know how to interpret it. This workshop will teach you to tap into information on several levels. Learning to attune yourself and practice with others in a group atmosphere will enhance your experience, affirm your skills and give you the support that you need.

Have Fun with your new found Skills Date

Date: Sunday September 6, 2015 5pm to 7:30pm

Here is your chance to test your extrasensory perception abilities! Everyone possesses the skill of intuition. Some of you use it on a regular basis without even knowing it. This sense is one of our most remarkable attributes. Explore your abilities in a safe and fun environment. This class is filled with exercises to build your awareness and affirm your innate strengths.

The total for the classes with HST is $165.00
Only 10 participants per class so book now to hold your spot!