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5 Reasons To Choose Naturopathic Infertility Solutions

Mar 10th

Natural infertility solutions use naturopathic medicine, treatments and herbal formulations to increase one’s chances of getting pregnant. The Mississauga naturopathic infertility specialists use less expensive and safer fertility programs that include no or very few side effects. A successful co  >>

Support your Child with help from a Pediatric Naturopathic Doctor

Feb 20th

Babies are born with dynamic and taintless immune system. It is the parent's responsibility to keep this immune system as strong as original. It could be a tricky nonstop battle in opposition to chemicals, poor nutrition and harmful foreign substances that often come disguised as chemical based heal  >>

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Ivana is now pleased to offer early morning sessions. Great for early risers, or after an intense early morning workout!

Starting now, she is offering massage therapy on Wednesday mornings from 6-8am.


New classes available in August, 2014.

Contact the clinic for details, spaces are very limited!

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