Rian Scott, R.Ac, R.TCMP

Registered Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Rian Scott is a Board-certified Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner with the (CTCMPAO).  He has tremendous respect and admiration for those who devoted their lives to developing one of the most ancient and potent medical systems on the planet. 

Rian is passionate about offering healthcare using a Traditional East-Asian Medicine approach to health and wellness.  He has a general medicine practice with a special interest in skin conditions, musculoskeletal pain, digestive issues, trauma and mental-emotional health. 

Rian’s practice focuses on providing holistic care and education to those seeking to heal and restore their wellbeing naturally.  After graduating from Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine, Rian has furthered his studies in Japanese Acupuncture specifically Shakujyu Therapy (Acupuncture Core Therapy) which emphasizes gentle needling techniques to restore the body’s ability to heal itself.  In addition Rian is trained in Medical Pulse Diagnosis (MPD) a non-invasive form of pulse diagnosis that gives one direct information about the physiology and health of one organ systems.

Rian primarily uses non-invasive acupuncture to replenish and rebalance the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  The efficacy of Acupuncture can be understood simply if we liken our body to a river system with many tributaries and lakes; when the flow of water is obstructed- the river becomes stagnant and ecosystems suffer – our body is the same.  When we have obstructions in one area, often our internal “ecosystem” suffers – acupuncture “pierces” holes in these blockages, realigning our energetic system to correct its own imbalances.  In addition, Chinese Herbal Medicine is used when the body needs extra support to address its health concerns.  Herbal medicine is given in the form of a decoction (soup-like drink), tinctures, and/or topical herbal applications in the form of creams, ointments, or herbal soaks.

Rian’s goal as a healthcare provider is to provide the most comprehensive care for your health. He welcomes new patients to the clinic and offers free 15 minute consults to listen to your health concerns and share his personal approach to wellness. 

Please CONTACT THE CLINIC to book an appointment with Rian Scott.