Christmas Blessings

Christmas Fireplace


By Trudy Parolin, RMT, Reflexologist, Reiki Master


As December quickly approaches and the excitement and wonder of the Christmas Season begins to creep its way into my cells, I am aware of the feeling of just how truly happy I am…what a blessing life is and how truly grateful I am for everything that I have, all that I am, and all that will be.

I thoroughly enjoyed today with my 17 year old daughter as we spent the day outside, decorating the house – it was a lovely day, perfect for hanging lights and getting ready on the outside for the holidays without freezing! We pulled all the decorations out, decided how we wanted to decorate the outside this year and spent the day, just being. My husband was inside watching his football games (offering support whenever we needed him to climb up on the ladder, or get something for us), my son was out with his friends (so I knew he was happy) and the two of us, had a great time, just being.

The lights are up, everything looks so beautiful, and it just brings such a sense of peace and warmth to see the all the beauty of the holidays, knowing how much love it seems to bring forth in people.

We clearly have the most beautiful house on the street! Doesn’t everyone??

That afternoon, as I was preparing dinner with my husband, I was reflecting on the day – how wonderful it was. How simple, yet wonderful. Everyone will be getting excited for the holidays soon and we will start to see the houses with their new decorations outside, the children with anticipation of what Santa will bring, and all the very firsts for people! A first Christmas as a mother or father, the first Christmas as a sister or brother, aunt or uncle….the first Christmas as a husband or wife…. endless firsts!

Then I thought about the couples across the street from me. Two families, a few months apart, lost one of their family members. This year too, will mark a first for each of these families. The first Christmas without their husbands, the first Christmas without their fathers, the first without their brothers, grandfathers…their houses may be silent, and this year…. maybe they won’t even celebrate Christmas.christmas

And as I looked at my beautifully decorated house, my incredible family, and the love that fuels me…. as grateful as I am…. I became even more thankful. This Christmas I will (with the Grace of God), watch my children, my husband and my family, open their Christmas presents that were so thoughtfully set out for each of them. We will share our Christmas dinner together, watch our favourite Christmas movies, and on Christmas morning, I will talk to my parents and to my sister. I will hear their voices, and hear the joy in their tone. It will be absolutely beautiful, and we will all be together.

But what about these poor families…those who will not be together this year, and will likely dread the arrival of Christmas morning, knowing that as they lay their heads down on Christmas Eve, tomorrow always comes.

This Christmas Season, may I ask each and every one of you, to take a moment out of your day, once a day for eathe-best-of-allgifts-around-anychristmas-tree-the-presence-of-ahappy-family-allwrapped-up-ineach-other-burton-hillisch day in December – to think about the families who will not be whole this year and send them some love and positive thoughts. Thoughts and wishes for strength and support this year. Just for a moment…and then give thanks. Give thanks for your own families. That you will see them each and every day, hear their voices and awake to see them on Christmas morning… and every morning…

Let that gratitude carry forth with you, not just though the month of December, but throughout the New Year as well.

I wish each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart – a very Happy and Healthy Christmas filled with Peace, Love and Gratitude.


Merry Christmas with Love,