Fertility Stress Index

Fertility related stress is an unfortunate reality for women of all ages, for a multitude of different reasons. Struggles with conceiving can cause undue stress on both you and your partner and permeate into many different aspects of your life.

Do you feel as if your body is not capable of being pregnant?

Do you feel very triggered when you see pregnant women or babies?

Do you feel as if you cannot speak about your infertility with your partner or friends?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, or have been struggling with your fertility, you may benefit from taking the Fertility Stress Index. This tool was created by Dr. Jessica Liu, ND in order to determine how much fertility related stress each patient is experiencing, and how deeply it could be impacting their lives.

Our trained naturopathic doctors have the ability to meet you at whatever stage you are at in your journey and help you tackle the problems at hand. With the proper guidance and support, you will work collaboratively towards minimizing fertility related stress and you will be well along your way to creating your own vibrant fertility.

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