Lyme Disease Is On The Rise… Live Blood Analysis Can Help!


Lyme disease is on the rise across the country.

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) reported 144 cases of Lyme disease in 2009. In 2016, that number rose to 992 across the country.

Many experts believe climate change and our impact on the planet are partly to blame for the rise in tick populations in Canada.

Lyme disease is a bacterial borreilosis infection transmitted to a human through the bite of an infected blacklegged tick. The tick picks up the bacteria from feeding on small animals and birds.

According to PHAC, roughly 20 percent of blacklegged ticks carry the bacteria. Early symptoms include; fever, a rash and fatigue. Untreated, it can cause more severe problems such as paralysis, heart and, neurological disorders.

Dr. Johanne McCarthy, from Onondaga Nation of Six Nations is a professor at Mohawk College. Infected with Lyme disease in 2011, she was initially misdiagnosed. She says living through disease is “awful” but, she believes healing from the emotional trauma of the infection was key to her long-term recovery.

“My biggest fear, one I’m still recovering from, came from the helplessness I felt when I sought help and was being denied and stigmatized instead,” said McCarthy, a Naturopathic Doctor who practices at Healing Journey Naturopathic Clinic in Caledonia.

McCarthy was referred to Microcell Sciences for Live Blood Cell Analysis (LBA). She experienced a myriad of symptoms including; debilitating headaches, nausea, vomiting and seizures. McCarthy says LBA allowed her to monitor her immune system and overall health.

Since the 1990s, blacklegged ticks have expanded their range across most provinces. Typically found in wooded areas, experts now say due to a warming climate and changing migration patterns, ticks are being found in urban areas.

People infected with Lyme disease are using Live Blood Cell Analysis as a tool to better understand their symptoms.

At Microcell Sciences, our team of certified Live Blood Cell Analysts are trained to identify vector parasites and bacteria associated with Lyme disease. Each of our 9 locations are equipped with high definition cameras and ultra-dark field microscopes. Our analysts work in harmony with Naturopathic Doctors who target treatment to a patients’ symptoms.

We believe it’s paramount to check your blood following a tick bite. Scientists agree, the insect carries and transmits other diseases too!

A tiny drop of blood, drawn painlessly from your finger and placed under a microscope, our technicians can see the health of your blood cells, your immune system, and your plasma. They are trained to detect a variety of parasites including Babesia, an indication of Lyme disease. Together, you get INSTANT results!

Live Blood Analysis is NOT diagnostic, but it WILL provide information about your current health!

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