Meditate Your Way to Happiness By Trudy Parolin

trudyaugustnewsletter-300x200People have a preconception about meditation, that they simply just cannot do it or that they do it wrong when they try.

Being one of the most skeptical people you will ever meet, I can promise you that any information & service I provide to you & for you is based solely on something I personally have worked with & believe in.

Meditation is such a personal practice. There are many different sources & types of meditation & regardless of whether you are a novice to meditation or an experienced meditator; there is one thing we will all agree on – and that is, there is no such thing as a bad meditation.

Meditation is not a complex method for relaxation, but rather a technique for you to adapt for a manageable life.

  • Simple Meditation is one of the best methods one can begin with. Choose a clean
    & peaceful place where you can sit & spend 15-20 minutes in silence where you can focus on a particular object.
  • Walking Meditation involves focusing the mind while walking & focusing on your
    feet. It can be difficult for some, but can prove to be very beneficial. Nature is a great place to meditate.
  • Transcendental Meditation is the method of simply sitting in a relaxed posture or chair & concentrating.
  • Journey Meditation a.k.a. Visual Meditation (also known by many people as “Guided Mediation”), is a verytrudyaugustnewsletter2-300x213 popular and mostly preferred meditation method. It can bring you to your place of tranquility & allows for gentle relaxation of mind-body-soul. There are some great free guided meditations available online and on YouTube.
  • B & N (Breath & Navel) Meditation is a method with one of the oldest methods recorded in India & China involved controlled breathing in a relaxed posture
  • .

These are only some of the meditation methods out there. There are some amazing books, tips, tricks, references, and even free online Guided Meditations (as mentioned under Visual Meditation) for those of you interested in starting your own at-home mediation practice.

I am looking forward to hosting & bringing to you upcoming meditation classes at Lakeside, to help you achieve your goals of clarity and calm, helping you to reach your coping skills in such a chaotic and hectic world full of daily stresses.

With much love & gratitude,