Naturopathic Medicine for Women: Tender and Safe

Treating a woman is comparable to treating five men! The additional intricacies, fluctuating hormones, elevated emotional awareness and greater physical pain tolerance can make bringing balance to a woman’s health pretty convoluted task; but naturopath formulate with simple and effective blends of naturopathic medicine to provide women a drug free health that is utterly natural and tender.

Besides natural dermatology and natural prenatal support, Naturopathy can amazingly help following common women health issues:

Simple eating strategies and naturopathic medicines can help women who struggle with inability to conceive. A whole food diet that is rich in quality protein, vegetables and fruits are critical for infertility solutions and to support healthy pregnancy. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol intake promotes the chances of getting pregnant. Your naturopathic doctor can assist you to understand the underlying factors to cause infertility and advice you on how to increase fertility naturally without any daunting alternative fertility treatments.

Vaginitis with pain, itching and discharge is definitely an unpleasant condition for any woman. The naturopathic doctor will accurately diagnose what is causing vaginitis before treating it safely and naturally through proper diet and herbal treatments.

Women may feel emotional instability, hot flashes, menstrual changes and insomnia as symptoms of menopause. Such symptoms can be very precarious for many women and naturopathy can provide easy solutions through exercise, diet and other botanical therapies to ease their transition.

Menstrual Issues
Premenstrual syndrome, painful cramps and endometriosis are some menstrual related diseases can also cause infertility in a later stage. The problem causing hormonal changes, liver functions, diet and environmental factors can easily be controlled through naturopathic recommendations to treat particular conditions.

Fibrocystic Breast Disease
Also known as FBD can cause painful and swollen breasts before menstrual cycles. This condition can effectively be controlled through naturopathy to reduce inflammation. Herbal treatment can also be planned with Mississauga breast feeding support if required.