We have been trying to get pregnant for 5 years before seeing Dr. Liu, and with the genuine care, concern, and treatment we received from her, we were able to shift our very negative mindset to positivity, reduce our stress levels, make healthy lifestyle changes, and now we are blessed with our first and healthy pregnancy!

Shawn C. and Cam H.

Dr. Liu has been our Naturopathic Doctor for over 5 years. Our son had chest colds when he was young. They lasted for weeks and he would cough constantly. Our family doctor diagnosed him with asthma and he started using puffers. Within a few months of seeing Dr. Liu, he stopped using puffers and he doesn’t experience these nasty month long colds anymore. Our daughter has anaphylactic food allergies to peanuts and all nuts. She has been following Dr. Liu’s health regimen and every year her allergies become less anaphylactic. A feat our allergy specialist deemed impossible.

Dr. Liu is a wonderful, compassionate, dedicated and attentive Naturopathic Doctor. She has helped us become a healthy family, naturally.


I first approached Dr. Liu after having 4 consecutive miscarriages in the span of 1.5 years and little knowledge as to the reason why. I was under an immense amount of pressure and stress from my job, not to mention the added grief from all of my pregnancy losses.

After performing a series of diagnostic tests, Dr. Liu prescribed both herbs and acupuncture based on Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to regulate my reproductive cycle as well as improve my overall health (both physically and emotionally). As I continued with the treatment plan, my menstrual cycles became more regular, less painful and heavy, and I was ovulating regularly at the appropriate time. I felt that my reproductive health had improved tremendously and was more confident to attempt pregnancy again.

After undergoing a series of medical tests, I was informed by my reproductive endocrinologist that I had a very rare genetic disorder called Balanced Translocation. My endocrinologist informed me that it was still possible to have natural conception and pregnancy so long as I released an unaffected egg upon ovulation, but the odds were very much against me. I was quite devastated by the news and felt that there were very little options open to me. Dr. Liu was extremely compassionate and understanding, and suggested we continue my treatment plan using the TCM herbs and acupuncture as a means to promote the release of “good” eggs by my ovaries. I trusted her instincts and decided to stay on track with treatment, despite the fact that it would in no way be able to change my genetic condition.

A couple of months later, I discovered that I was pregnant. Over the course of the pregnancy, my medical doctors were all amazed at all the results of my tests. My obstetrician even remarked that my blood pressure and baby’s heartbeat were so strong that I should ‘continue doing whatever it is I’m doing’ outside of the counsel she had provided.

I firmly believe that Dr. Liu’s treatment plans and advice played a significant role in helping my body not only release the right egg, but keep my pregnancy intact. I am now a mother to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. I firmly believe Dr. Liu not only possesses the right experience and background to treat challenging fertility cases like mine, but she also possesses the right kind of compassion and sincerity, unique to dealing with patients dealing with infertility.